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Staples is Perigee’s chum

Office product supplier Staples has recently implemented Perigee’s workflow software specifically designed for catalogue and web production. Laura Blows finds out more.

Its products can help companies be more organised, so it’s no wonder office supplies provider Staples also wanted to ensure its own catalogue production workflow was organised. To achieve this, Staples has begun using publishing software provider Perigee’s catalogue and web production software.

In the UK, Staples is represented through two brands, Staples and Neat Ideas. It sells its products through superstores, the internet and catalogues, so to manage this, it recently decided to implement Perigee’s Software Suite (PSS) across nine of its European business units to manage the catalogue production workflow for both web and print.

Stéphane Antzack, Staples’ European production specialist, says: “To help with our catalogue production we wanted a system that would help in two areas; managing content and producing publications. We found Perigee was the best solution for handling both.”

PSS comprises of a series of modules for all stages of the workflow process, from collection of data to output. The ‘core’ module is the Digital Asset Management (DAM) module, which is powered using Oracle technology. The DAM module handles a variety of image formats, with automatic archiving of images and pages. It allows users to manage nomenclatures such as industry classifications and user metadata.

Complementing the DAM module  is the Dynamic Product Information Management module. For each publication, it stores text details of each of the products on a product card. Digital assets can also be accessed directly from its product card. Any changes made in this or the DAM module are automatically pushed through the entire workflow.


To then use the product image and information, Perigee offers the Multi-Content Publishing module to lay out pages through plug-ins to Adobe InDesign or Quark.

The catalogue templates can be reused and edited each month so each new catalogue does not have to be designed from scratch.

This module now offers the ability to publish the print catalogue onto the web, and it can also publish the catalogue pages to mobile, direct marketing materials and in-store. Multi-language publications can be produced as publishers can translate text directly into the file. PSS can also provide feedback through the Marketing Business Intelligence module, which provides key performance indicators and real time performance analysis.

When Staples began looking for a catalogue production system, Perigee soon seemed the obvious choice. Antzack explains: “As we produce so  many catalogues we wanted a content management system to secure and improve the quality and efficiency of our workflow.
“We launched a study of the market and chose Perigee for two reasons. Firstly, the PSS software itself seemed easy to use and has proved its efficiency with other catalogue clients. The second reason was due to Perigee itself, because we felt they understood our company. They were willing to listen to us and act as a partner.”

Listening to customers is something Perigee prides itself on, according to Greg Heather, UK sales manager for Perigee: “Our products and subsequent developments are based upon talking and listening to our customers’ requirements. We first developed our catalogue production software in 1992, based upon the needs of our first client, clothing catalogue company La Redoute.”

He adds that clients using PSS can expect an increase in productivity and quality, while reducing costs and time to market. Antzack is positive Staples will experience similar benefits. He says: “It’s very efficient for us to have one tool ready for all the team to use. A major benefit is with regards to imagery, as having everything in the DAM system makes images accessible and easy to find, as well as having its accompanying text stored.

“In terms of publication creation, a lot of the processes are automated with PSS, making production much quicker. We have also benefited in terms of quality because we are sure the content will be consistent from one catalogue to another.”

Antzack is aware that implementing a new system involves a lot of work, which is due to be completed across all nine units by 2011. A product review will then be conducted, which Antzack is already positive about, saying: “We are very pleased with Perigee. Implementing the system is a big job with a lot of changes but in the end it will be worthwhile.”

November 2008 -